The Detox and Cleanse Kit (24K Gold Ear Seeds)

Introducing The Detox and Cleanse Kit (24k Gold Ear Seeds) from VIE HEALING. Designed to enhance immunity, promote healthy blood and energy flow. Address low immunity, seasonal and skin allergies, digestive health, and addiction with targeted protocols. Boost immunity, increase energy, curb addiction, ease digestion. Elevate your store with this transformative kit. Shop now on Faire for a revitalized sense of well-being. Ear Seeding is a powerful, yet gentle form of auriculotherapy based on the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. When placed on acupressure points of the ears, these 24k gold-plated ion seeds stimulate the reflex centers of the brain to soothe a multitude of symptoms. Enjoy the subtle shimmer of these tiny accessories along with the experience of increased balance of the body and mind. YOUR TOOLS: 24k Gold Ear Seeds | Protocol Maps and Instruction Guide | Ear Seed Spoon PROTOCOLS: Hangover Protocol | Signature Protocol | Body Maps