We believe in:

Mindful Consumption
Everyday items that spark joy
Shopping small
Slow fashion
Artisinal practices

Curio by Fifth & Main was born of these ideas in hopes that through the community we build here, we can vote with our dollars. We can preserve artisanal practices and choose handmade objects of art over mass produced goods.

Our products are carefully curated to embrace these ideals. We believe you should give gifts rich with emotional value and treat yourself with the little luxuries you didn’t know you needed. 

About The Founder

The idea for Curio by Fifth & Main perculated for years in the mind of founder, Heather Shaw Menis.  Years working as a marketing executive for a luxury retailer sparked an intense yearning to support the little guys, the makers, shops and service providers that are the heartbeat of communities and from which creativity abounds.  In 2014, Menis started Fifth & Main PR as a means to give voice to those small businesses.  Fifth & Main PR has worked with a plethora of creatives whose offerings are far superior to mass marketed alternatives.  With this venture, we spotlight those makers and our new finds, carefully curating little luxuries.

About F&M Wall Coverings:


We see endless opportunity on every wall.  Whether a subtle pattern for layering or bold story-telling art, F&M Wall Coverings can be customized for each individual’s unique aesthetic.  Printed on textured removable wallpaper, you can elevate the look of any room without fear of damaging your walls (and without messy paste). F&M Wall Coverings are printed with HP Latex Inks which contain no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), are non-flammable, non-combustible and are nickel-free.