Medusa Necklace


Celebrate your strength, courage and #fuckthatguy energy in the Medusa necklace. 

To protect herself from the male gaze, Medusa would turn her onlookers into stone with her deathly stare. She is a symbol of protection, female empowerment, & is known to petrify the patriarchy. Medusa's story Medusa was a beautiful maiden seduced by Poseidon in a temple of Athena. Tragically, Poseidon sexually assaulted her. Goddess Athena thought it was an affair, enraged, she cursed Medusa by taking away her beauty, turning her into a monstrous, stony-glanced creature, & beheading her. Like most women of ancient mythology, Medusa was a victim of patriarchal societal norms. She represents power, strength, protection & the ability to destroy one's enemies.


  • Pendant size: L=18mm, W=18mm
  • Chain length: 45cm + 5cm extender 
  • Material: 18k gold-plated sterling silver
  • Hypoallergenic & nickel free