Eclair Gold Chain Ring with Diamond


Inspired by effortlessly chic Parisian style, the Éclair Chain Ring features a central diamond embedded in a recycled 18ct gold chain. The name Éclair means ‘flash’ and ‘lightning’ in French, inspired by the sunlight sparkling on the ring.

Handmade using 100% recycled 18ct Gold in London. The chain is 1mm thick and the diamond measures 2.1mm (0.04ct). The design is light and delicate but tough, so you never need to take it off. Plus it's versatile enough to wear with anything.

Your new everyday ring. The diamonds are ethically sourced from trusted Kimberley Process-certified suppliers in London.

The ring comes in five sizes:

Extra Small —

approximate size 3.5

Small — 

approximate size 5.5

Medium —

approximate size 6.5

Large —

approximate size 8

Extra Large — approximate size 9.5

In stock soon,  please allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery.